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NATO urges Russia to lift CFE Treaty moratorium

 NATO leaders at a summit in Bucharest issued a statement urging Russia to lift its moratorium on the CFE Treaty and to consider proposals made by the alliance.

Russia imposed a unilateral moratorium on the Conventional Forces in Europe treaty in December 2007, amid concerns over U.S. plans to deploy a missile shield in Central Europe and NATO's ongoing expansion. Moscow has said it will resume its participation if NATO countries ratify the document.

In a statement issued Thursday NATO appealed to Russia to review its moratorium, adding that: "The current situation, where NATO CFE Allies implement the Treaty while Russia does not, cannot last indefinitely."

NATO said in the statement: "We have offered a set of constructive and forward-looking proposals...We believe these proposals address all of Russia's stated concerns."

Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to discuss Russia's response to the alliance's statement at a NATO-Russia Council on Friday. The talks will also focus on Kosovo and missile defense in what will be Putin's last NATO meeting as president.

RIA Novosti

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