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Directory Business-Building "is participating in an exhibition

From 2 to 5 th March 2010 held its annual specialized exhibition of low-rise and individual building "Wooden House Building", in which the most active proved to be an information stand at the booth representing a catalog of "Business Building.

Last week, the capital of our Republic, Minsk, hosted the annual specialized exhibition of low-rise and individual construction of the Wood Building. It was of the products of leading Belarusian and foreign companies producing materials and designs for the construction of wooden houses, as well as architectural services, construction companies and design offices active in the field of wooden architecture and private housing. The aim of the exhibition was to fostering the promotion of Belarusian construction market high quality products and services in a wooden house, the Belarusian consumer familiarity with modern tendencies of architecture, the latest building technologies, designs and materials used in construction of wooden houses. The exhibition also allowed the Belarusian construction companies to establish business contacts and expand the range of partners, both among the Belarusian and foreign construction and architectural firms to study the proposals of competitors, to promote their products.
Able to provide the full range of services and information publications. The most active of which was a project of the publishing house "Business-Inform" catalog "Business Building". Managers of sales catalog "Business Construction" presented the annual directory of all exhibitors and guests. They spent a lot of personal meetings with the permanent force customers to confirm and update the "treaty-participation" in the location in the following directory 2010/2011 year, which, incidentally, is under active preparation. In addition, it attracted more than 100 new and active clients. And those who are simply interested in the catalog and those who would like to have it always at hand on the desktop simply impossible to count. Some of them are not going to specify the ethical standards of their legal forms and abbreviations are leading to Rossiyskom and foreign markets for construction.
Here's how to talk about their experiences of participation, senior manager of sales department Apolonik Nina: "The most unexpected and pleasant for potential clients directory" Business Building 2010/2011 "have low prices and very convenient form of payment. This unique marketing tool allows you, as they say, "no" strained "to form a positive image of the Belarusian construction companies and increase sales of their products and services. Catalog covers only the target audience of the construction market, as distinct from national directories. And, moreover, is distributed free to all our customers that have a unique market directories. Always nice to see his client and to communicate "live". Discuss painful problems and resolve outstanding questions. It is interesting to induct and those who are just mastering Belarusian construction market, to acquaint them with the benefits of our unique directory. And just see how happy customers, when they simply present their catalog. In our life, builders rarely receive gifts, so happy as children.
We note only that Nina Apolonik understatement, not saying that it was difficult to allocate the whole range of diverse emotions gripping managers and clients while working at a construction exhibition. For example, one of the new book was so excited he made a commercial offer, that, without hesitation, gave the officer a treaty flower "hyacinth", having acquired it from the neighboring booth. This display of emotion speaks for itself - directory "Business Construction" needed a breath of fresh air in the construction market of the Republic of Belarus.

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