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Dobrush Porcelain Works delivers first consignment of chinaware to Lebanon

Dobrush Porcelain Works has delivered the first consignment of its products to the tune of $20,000 to the Lebanon, it was learnt from sales director of the company Nina Gorbatovskaya.

The whole assortment of the Belarusian porcelain goods delivered to the Middle East is sold in Belarus, according to Nina Gorbatovskaya. The Lebanese businessmen prefer egg-shell china and original dinner sets. The porcelain souvenirs, including an exclusive one, the National Library, were also among the export items.

The contract of deliveries of porcelain goods to the Lebanon was signed till the end of 2010. The next consignment is due to be shipped in the end of Q2.

Dobrush Porcelain Works exports its goods to twelve countries, including Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The deliveries to Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan make up about 95% of total export volume. The export in January-March 2010 totaled more than $2 million that is 85% up on the same period 2009.

Dobrush Porcelain Works is the major Belarusian manufacturer of chinaware. The company released its first products on 28 December 1978. In 1996 the works was reorganized into a closed joint stock company. The products of Dobrush Porcelain Works meet ISO 900 (STB ISO 9001-2001) standards. The company employs more than 1300 people.


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