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Mogilev Meat Packing Plant opens chain store in Yartsevo

The Mogilev Meat Packing Plant has opened its chain store in the town of Yartsevo, the Smolensk oblast, Russia, it was learnt from head of the company’s trading department Olga Nogikh.

The company signed a long lease contract on a space in a trading center in Metallurgov Street in the Yartsevo downtown. The store offers a wide range of sausages and smoked meat under the Bogatyrskaya Eda brand.

“The Belarusian products have already been praised by Russians for their high quality, modern wrapping and reasonable prices,” Olga Nogikh stated. The experts of the Mogilev-based plant serve clients in the store.

The company has 40 certificates of conformity to the Russian standards and ten certificates of compliance with the Belarusian standards. The company’s technology has been certified for compliance with the food quality and safety standard HACCP. The Mogilev-based plant has won numerous awards at the prestigious international and national contests, exhibitions and fairs. The Belarusian company took gold medals in more than 20 positions last year alone. Besides, the company has been awarded the Belarus Government Quality Award.

Today about 40% of the products are exported and, mainly, to Russia. Apart from Yartsevo, its chain stores have been opened in Pushkino, Mozhaisk, Sergiyev Posad. The negotiations to expand the company’s trading network in the Russian Federation are underway.

In January-February 2010 the company produced Br40 billion worth of products, up 3.7% as compared to the same months last year. The export grew 14% to $6.3 million.

Founded in 1905, the company is one of the largest companies in the Belarusian meat industry. The company’s product line exceeds 300 descriptions of meat products: sausages, products made from pork and beef, by-products, meat intermediate products, etc. The company employs almost 1200 professionals.


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