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Belarus waiting for two hours for confirmation of Gazprom’s payment

Belarus will wait for two hours for the confirmation that Gazprom has paid its gas transit debt, First Vice Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko told a session of the Energy Ministry’s crisis center on 24 June. The crisis center has been set up to ensure steady operation of Belarusian gas and energy supply systems, BelTA has learned.

Vladimir Semashko stressed that no official confirmation of the payment has been received yet. “We have not received an official confirmation that the money has been transferred,” said Beltransgaz Director General Vladimir Mayorov.

The First Vice Premier of Belarus suggested: “Let’s do it like this: we will wait till 13:00 Minsk time for them to get over with it. After that we will restrict gas transit in proportion to the underpayment”.

In turn, Belarusian Energy Minister Alexander Ozerets said that on 23 June after Beltransgaz settled its gas supplies debt, Gazprom failed to take action to lift restrictions from gas supplies to Belarus despite being repeatedly reminded by Belarus. Gazprom made the decision only at 10:00 on 24 June. Yet the gas transit debt of $260 million was not settled. “Just a while ago we saw reports on the Internet that Gazprom has allegedly paid $228 million. The sum makes up 87% of the debt that has accumulated. The payment can be considered as an advance payment,” said Alexander Ozerets.

Vladimir Semashko added: “If it is true that Gazprom has indeed paid $228 million, we will make the conclusion that Gazprom has admitted that everything that has been going on in the last 72 hours has been unjustifiable and illegal”. It is likely that the Russian side came up with $228 million using the transit price of $1.45 per 1,000 cubic meters per 100km while in 2009 the contract price was $1.74, with this year’s price at $1.88. Belarus believes that Gazprom’s debt for gas transit via Belarus is as large as $260 million, stressed Vladimir Semashko.

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