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Lukashenko orders increasing exports of Belarus' enterprises

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has ordered to build up the export capacities of Belarusian enterprises as he visited the Vitebsk Biofactory on 9 July.

According to the report made by the company’s executives, building up the export volume is among the strategic tasks of the Vitebsk Biofactory. Today the products of the company are exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkey. By 2015, the company plans to penetrate 12 markets. The Vitebsk Biofactory is the only enterprise of the biological industry in Belarus that makes medical serums and bacterial vaccines for the cattle breeding industry. The demand for the company’s products is great.

Alexander Lukashenko believes that given such a high demand, it is reasonable to expand the production of veterinary preparations. “If there is a market and its capacity is immense, why not boost the production,” the President said. In his view, this is where investments should be channeled.

The company is working on the import substitution of these products. By 2015 there are plans to produce 80% of the products domestically. The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has developed 18 antiviral drugs and 14 antibacterial medicines and handed them over to the factory. Apart from that, the company is testing 50 technologies of new preparations that have also been developed by Belarusian scientists. Alexander Lukashenko believes that the Vitebsk Biofactory is well-positioned to meet the domestic needs for the products and sell them abroad.

The President was told about the production of modern day veterinary preparations at the enterprise, their supplies on the national and foreign markets, and the technological processes of making veterinary medicines.

While touring the enterprise Alexander Lukashenko asked questions about the overall development of the industrial enterprises of the Vitebsk Oblast, social and economic performance of the region and the harvesting campaign. As for the agriculture, the Belarusian President believes that the Vitebsk Oblast should come up with an optimal development strategy. The head of state believes that the Vitebsk Oblast is able to derive as much profit from agriculture, as the Grodno Oblast. What matters most is developing a good strategy.

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