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New FEZ Brest resident companies to invest ?43.5m in joint projects

Three new enterprises have been registered as FEZ Brest resident companies. The declared investments are estimated at a total of €43.5 million, BelTA learnt from the FEZ Brest administration.

Foreign company Alurad Brest (Italy) is going to launch a project to make bimetallic aluminum link radiators in the FEZ Brest.

The second investment project has been presented by foreign company Soloferrino (Russia, the British Virgin Islands). The company has plans to start producing metallic furniture fittings.

Belarus-Cyprus joint venture “Euro Asia Terminal” is going to materialize a project to create a multimodal logistics complex at the FEZ Brest.

The FEZ Brest was founded on 20 March 1996 as the first free economic region in Belarus. The FEZ residents export food, furniture, gas cookers, traffic paint. Today there are 69 residents in the zone with the capital from 19 countries. The free economic zone has so far attracted a total of more than $640 million of investment in the economy, including over $400 million of capital investment. The FEZ companies employ over 12,500 people.

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