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First train with Venezuela oil to depart from Estonia to Belarus 25-27 July

The first train with Venezuela oil will depart from Estonia to Belarus on 25-27 July, BelTA learnt form the press service of the Belarusian Railways.

According to the Belarusian Oil Company and Estonia’s Muuga seaport, the fifth tanker with Venezuela oil for Belarus is expected to arrive at the Estonia port on 23 July at 13h00. “Once the tanker docks at the seaport, the oil will be discharged into petroleum tanks of the private Estonian terminal and then into railway tanks of the Belarusian Railways and Latvian Railways,” the press service informed.

The first train will comprise 65 cars. The Belarusian Railways is set to use 22-23 trains.

“The Belarusian railways will take all necessary measures to make sure that the Venezuelan oil, the fifth consignment of which will be delivered via the Estonian Muuga port by the NS CHAMPION tanker, should be transported to Naftan Refinery in the shortest possible time,” the specialists said.

The delivery time from Estonia is shorter than from Ukraine. The distance between Odessa and Mozyr is approximately 1,051km and from Muuga and Novopolotsk is 850km, the Belarusian Railways informed.

It is not clear if Belarus will continue using the Estonia port in the future. “This issue will be carefully studied. As for the tariff on oil transportation from Estonia, this issue is under consideration too,” the press service said.

The agreement to deliver Venezuelan oil to Belarus was signed in March this year. Under the agreement between the presidents of the two countries, Venezuela will deliver around 4 million tonnes of oil within 12 months. The first consignment of oil from Venezuela (80,000 tonnes) was delivered to Mozyr in May.

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