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Bellesbumprom goods sold in Croatia, Spain

he companies of the Bellesbumprom concern entered new sales markets in Croatia, Spain and a number of African countries in January-August 2010, BelTA learnt from the Bellesbumprom press service on 27 September.

The export to Croatia totaled $63,400; Spain - $84,100; Senegal - $12,700, South Africa – $1,200; Belize - $5,800. Bellesbumprom also started selling its production in Ukrainian regions, such as Kirovograd Oblast ($53,700), Khmelnitsky Oblast ($86,500), and Ternopol Oblast ($149,500).

On the whole, in January-June the concern exported $200 million worth of goods (29.9% up on the same period 2009). The import made up $95.7 million (23.7% up).

The companies of the concern keep increasing the volumes of exports to the Asian, African and American markets. The deliveries to China increased five times and totaled $114,000. The export to Israel skyrocketed fourteen times ($210,700), the supplies to Mongolia grew by 92.2% ($193,500), and the export to the US totaled 237.2% as against the same period last year ($1.2 million).

In January-June Bellesbumprom cooperated with 57 countries (the concern exported goods to 46 countries and imported products from 41 sates).

In January-June 2010, the companies of the concern increased the export of fuel wood, round timber, shaped timber, fiber boards, chip boards, plywood, furniture, paper, cardboard, doors, window frames and wallpapers as compared with the same period 2009. At the same time, the export of matches and transport packages decreased.

The Russian Federation is the major sales market for the Bellesbumprom companies. The country was severely affected by the financial crisis, and as a result, the demand for certain goods of the concern has fallen, said the spokesperson for the Bellesbumprom concern.

In January-June the concern took measures to increase the export and import volumes. The import of the concern grew by more than 21.5%. The export-import ratio is 230%.

The spokesperson for the concern added that in January-August 2010 the fixed capital investments made up Br372.8 billion. The growth rate totaled 222% against the planned 138%.

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