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Belarus’ export of goods to China up 2.7 times in January-September

In January-September 2010 Belarus’ export of goods to China increased 2.7 times to reach $356.5 million, BelTA learnt from the National Statistics Committee.

The export of goods to the United States increased by 80.8%, to Ukraine by 53.5%, to Kazakhstan by 51.8%, to Russia by 48.6%, to Venezuela by 42.6%, to Lithuania by 35.3%, to Brazil by 34.3%, to Italy by 33.6%, to Poland by 13.3%. In January-September Belarus reduced export to Latvia by 43.5%, Poland by 10.7%.

The export deliveries fell to Germany (by 45.5%), Latvia (42.5%), the Netherlands (32.3%) and the United Kingdom (24.6%).

In January-September 2010, Belarus’ imports from Kazakhstan grew 4.6 times compared to the same period a year before, the import from China rose by 48.1%, from India by 39%, from Ukraine by 38.1%, from Brazil by 33.5%, from Poland by 29.6%, from the United Kingdom by 28.5%, from the Netherlands by 23.1%, from Lithuania by 16.8% and from Russia by 5.6%. The import from Latvia plunged by 22.8%, from the U.S. by 7.6%.

In January-September this year Belarus carried out export/import operations with 182 countries. Belarus exported to 150 markets and imported products made in 159 countries. In January-September 2010 Belarus’ main trading partners were Russia (47.3% of the total trade), Ukraine (7.4%), the Netherlands and Germany (4.8% each), China (3.6%), Poland (3.4%), Venezuela (2.1%), Latvia (1.7%), Brazil and Italy (1.6% each).

Over the period under review Belarus foreign trade made up $41 billion including export - $17.5 billion and import - $23.5 billion. The exports of the country (taking into account actual prices) increased by 16.8% ($2.5 billion) over the same period last year, imports raised 17.3% ($3.5 billion).

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