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Directive No 4 will give a new impetus to business initiative

Directive No 4 will give a new impetus to business initiative development in Belarus,
 BelTA  learnt from Chairman of the Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers Vladimir Karyagin.

“The directive has been worked out together with the business community of the country. The document has been scrutinized, there have been several scenarios. Their have been considered in the ministries, departments, oblast executive committees, business associations. The Directive envisaged an array of proposals from businessmen,” he said. Such a document will lay a solid foundation for improving the Belarusian legislation, give an impetus to business initiative, Vladimir Karyagin believes.

Within the next three months business unions, businessmen will be submitting proposals on how to implement the Directive “On the development of entrepreneurship and stimulating business activity in Belarus”. “We, in the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs, have tens and, even hundreds, of proposals which have been prepared but have not been included into the Directive,” Vladimir Karyagin noted. “All this will help alter the Belarusian legislation, make a series of amendments to the laws, decrees, resolutions of the government, ministries and departments,” he added. The legislation would be regulated and become a stimulus supporting businessmen, production, services, Vladimir Karyagin said.

He stressed as important the fact that the Directive covers the issues of not only new businessmen but also those who have already run their business and would like to develop further. They have quite an ambitious goal ahead – the private business will make up over 50% of GDP in some five years. A full-fledged business initiative is needed here for businessmen to advance. Entrepreneurship should become innovative, should focus on the production of goods with highly-value added, be competitive on the world market.

Vladimir Karyagin also noted that Directive No 4 “has promoted a dialogue between the power and business”. The development of the Directive has showed that such cooperation is really fruitful.

The directive introduces major changes to supervisory activities in Belarus. Watchdog activities should be preventive. They should be aimed at helping businessmen avoid the mistakes and remove fear in making management decisions. Thus, the directive aims at promoting interaction between the supervisory bodies and business associations.

Now the role of business associations, associations and business support infrastructure is increasing. Along with business support centers, business associations are now entitled to arrange business training courses without a license and issue self-signed certificates. In many countries such certificates are very much appreciated because it is the business community that evaluates business qualifications. And now this form will be applied in Belarus.

This is a very important moment of the directive, Vladimir Karyagin stressed. The law on support of small and medium businesses came into force on 1 January 2011 in Belarus which also emphasizes the role of business associations.

On 3 January the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs holds session to discuss Directive No 4. “We have created a permanent working group to collect entrepreneurs’ proposals and forward them to the government when drafting the resolution to implement Directive No 4. We want to collect as many proposals as possible. And we need not only specific proposals, but also economic evaluations, assessments, reasons and facts, since each line of the Directive requires particular acts by the government,” Vladimir Karyagin said.

Belarus’ National Business Platform for 2011 is also being elaborated. “The government’s resolution to implement Directive No 4 and the National Business Platform will be drafted simultaneously. We have managed to coordinate these two documents at last,” Vladimir Karyagin said.

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