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Ukraine, Belarus intensify cultural relations

Cultural relations between Belarus and Ukraine have been recently gaining momentum, Culture Minister of Belarus Pavel Latushko told reporters ahead of the opening ceremony of the Ukrainian Days of Culture in Belarus on 21 March.

In his words, the first cultural days were held in 1957. Over the last two decades this event has taken place six times: Belarus displayed its achievements in Ukraine three times, and this year it is the third time Belarus has welcomed its neighboring country.

“Due to the cultural cooperation program signed in 2010, the cultural relations between the two countries have been recently intensifying. Since 2008 Belarus has hosted over 150 festivals, exhibitions and concerts with the participation of representatives of the Ukrainian culture,” the minister said.

Pavel Latushko and his Ukrainian counterpart Mikhailo Kulyniak met on 21 March to discuss the prospects of cultural cooperation, agreed on a necessity of an additional impetus to the activity of the culture and art universities of the two countries, talked over the possibility of joint film projects. Besides, the two ministers considered the issue of opening a Belarusian cultural center in Kyiv and the prospects of setting up a monument to Vladimir Korotkevich in the Ukrainian capital. Pavel Latushko expressed hope that the monument will be erected in early April this year.

Mikhailo Kulyniak, for his part, invited Belarusians to attend the events to mark the 20th anniversary of the country’s independence. The minister expressed hope that the Ukrainian Days of Culture in Belarus would become the next step in the development of friendly relations between the two nations.

A concert of the Pavel Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company opened the Ukrainian Days of Culture in Belarus on 21 March. This dance company will perform in Molodechno on 22 March.

From 21 to 23 March Ukrainian drama Bogdan-Zivony Khmelnitsy and a comedy Chasing Two Hares is on at the Pioner Cinema that has also housed a photo exhibition.

The Ukrainian delegation is expected to visit Gomel, the 2011 CIS Capital of Culture, on 23 March.

The Belarusian Days of Culture were held in Ukraine in September 2010.

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