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Lukashenko urges more profitability in rural area by 2013

By 2013 the Belarusian rural areas should reach 10% in profitability without state support, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said at a meeting dedicated to the government’s report on the results of the rural development program in 2005-2010 and the state program for 2011-2015.

Alexander Lukashenko demanded to focus on efficient production and gradually reduce subsidies for agricultural organizations in order to reach a 10%-profitability without the assistance of the state.

In his words, the move will show whether those funds that had been pumped into the national agriculture were useless. The head of state stressed that there are farms with excellent performance in the country. “The main thing we have to do by 2013 is to switch into financing only those projects that need state support. This is an international practice,” he added. According to the President, the primary issue here is to improve farming standards.

Alexander Lukashenko believes that the draft rural development program for 2011-2015 needs to be revised and finalized.

“Everything should be recounted. Br120 trillion is an astronomical sum. We need to act within our means. You want to have it as in Denmark. But Denmark has developed its agriculture for two centuries. And you want to reach this level over a decade. It is impossible,” the head of state stated.

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