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Belarus trades with 102 countries in January

In January 2011 Belarus traded with 136 countries, exporting commodities to 102 countries and importing products from 127 countries, according to the National Statistics Committee.

In January Belarus’ main trade partners were Russia (48.1% of the total trade), Ukraine (5.9%), Venezuela (4.6%), China and Germany (4% each), Brazil (3.8%), Poland (3.4%), the Netherlands and Latvia (2% each), Italy (1.4%).

In January 2011 Belarus’ export of commodities to Belgium soared by more than 2.8 times to $17 million over the same period last year. The export to Brazil grew 2.4 times to $92.6 million, Russia – 35.8%, Kazakhstan – 32.5%, Lithuania – 15.8%, Ukraine – 13.7%. Meanwhile, in the period under review, the export reduced to Venezuela, China, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Latvia, Italy, the United States.

In January 2011 Belarus increased the import of goods from Kazakhstan 3.1 times to $14.1 million over the same month a year ago. The import also grew 2.4 times to $60.5 million from Brazil, 2 times to $3.7 million from Vietnam, 82.1% from China, 80.6% from the U.S., 74.2% from Poland, 67.8% from Germany, 55.4% from Belgium, 52.1% from Lithuania, 50.3% from Latvia, 49.5% from Italy, 38.1% from Ukraine, 6.3% from the Netherlands and 3.8% from Russia.

In January 2011 Belarus’ merchandise trade exceeded $4 billion.

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