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Gas output in Belarus up 12.6% in January-February

In January-February 2011 natural gas production in Belarus reached 40.7 million cubic meters, up 12.6%, according to the National Statistics Committee.

In February alone the country extracted 19.3 million cubic meters of natural gas, up 9.7% over February a year ago.

Oil output fell 0.7% as against the first two months of 2010 to make up 270,400 tonnes. In February 2011 the country produced 128,600 tonnes of hydrocarbons, down 0.6% from the same month a year before.

An estimated Br306.3 billion worth of crude oil and natural gas was produced in the country over the period under review (99.5% as compared to the same months in 2010).

Peat production and agglomeration totaled Br53.4 billion, down 4.8% over the same months in 2010. The production of fuel briquettes made up 236,100 tonnes, down 4.9% from January-February 2010.

On the whole the production of fuel and energy resources in January-February this year reduced by 1.5% over January-February 2010.

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