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Belarus’ environmental monitoring system among CIS best

The environmental monitoring system in Belarus is one of the best on the post-Soviet territory, expert of the European Commission Vladislav Bizek said as he met with the Belarusian MPs on 14 April.

The EC group of experts has arrived in Belarus to prepare a report on the cooperation prospects of Belarus with the European Commission in the green economy development. Similar research has been made by the EC in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

According to the EC official, Belarus has “a well-developed system of strategic planning” in the environmental sector. He mentioned an adequate amount of plans and programs of environmental nature. The expert also praised the level of the legislative base in Belarus and stressed that many legislative instruments go with the legislation of many European countries.

In his words, the environmental monitoring system, and mainly air quality control system, in Belarus is one of the best in the CIS. “Belarus’ system is tried and tested. The same systems operate in Moscow and St Petersburg,” the EC expert said.

At the same time he stated that Belarus still has an untapped potential in the area of energy efficiency, organic agriculture development, implementation of industrial innovative technologies.

The EC expert believes that Belarus-EC promising cooperation areas include the construction of solar power plants in the Chernobyl regions as well as cultivation of “energy crops” such as colza there.

Belarus MP Anatoly Pavlovich, for his part, suggested intensifying relations between the European Commission and Belarus in the renewable energy development. For instance, the country plans to increase energy generated by the national wind power plants from the current 2MW to 300-500MW by 2015. In this regard Belarus is deeply interested in the experience of Germany and Austria where thousands of wind power plants have been constructed. Belarus is keen on both the counseling and financial assistance, the MP said. In his words, foreign investors might be interested in the construction of household waste treatment facilities, wind power and biogas plants.

The conclusions of the EC experts will be used in the preparation of the joint projects and recommendations to the national governments from the European Commission. The conclusions will be voiced at a seminar in Brussels in July 2011.

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