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Belarus under strong international pressure because of its independent policy

Belarus feels such a strong international pressure because of its independent policy, Belgian expert Vladimir Caller told the ONT TV Channel, BelTA has learned.

“The independence of Belarus is an acknowledged fact. But the independence is to be protected. The country that puts up such strong resistance to the propagation of alien values can become a victim of the Western policy,” Vladimir Caller said.

“It is essential to have efficient security policy to be protected from foreign pressure. The home security is a political issue. Each country should solve its interior problems in the way it sees fit,” Vladimir Caller is convinced.

According to Vladimir Caller, “Ban Ki-moon and the United Nations Organization treat Belarus not as an international organization but acts with a glance at the policy of the West that does not like Belarus’ self-determination.”

“Belarus is a peculiar island in Europe which does not want to submit to anyone. That is why the country feels under such a strong pressure,” the expert said.

As for terrorism, all countries should join efforts in order to resist this atrocity, Vladimir Caller concluded.

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