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Pripyat Polesie Development Program to be slightly adjusted

The state program of social and economic development and complex use of natural resources of the Pripyat Polesie for 2010-2015 will be slightly adjusted, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told a press conference for central and regional Belarusian mass media on 17 June.

“Of course, there will be certain adjustments. I think it will be insignificant adjustments, the terms will be slightly extended. We have not finalized the program yet,” he said.

The adjustments were proposed by the economy Ministry, and they deal solely with investors and the project’s efficiency.

“The project will be financed through the state budget, maybe some projects will be sponsored by investors. But the project itself will not be terminated. The program will yield huge benefits. For instance, there are plans to breed cattle with marbled meat on flood plains. This meat is in high demand abroad.

“We should not terminate the program. By no means. And the terms should not be extended, they should remain unchanged where it is possible,” said Alexander Lukashenko speaking on the situation in Belarus on the whole.

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