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Belarus President names ‘enemies of the people’

Opposition members that call for using economic sanctions to choke Belarus are enemies of the people, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told media in the Belarusian town of Shklov on 7 July.

“Those are a small number of mangy people, who stage protests, mooing, stomping or crying. They want to take advantage of the opportunity. They understand perfectly well that we will drag ourselves out of the situation, this panic that we created ourselves at the beginning of the year, and we are doing it. We have seen it at this newsprint mill in Shklov,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

“The entire fifth column understands that give it three more months and people will forget that some prices have risen and other problems have emerged. After that there will be no reasons to stomp and moo,” stressed Alexander Lukashenko. “So they are in a hurry and cut corners. You see they have black Wednesdays. They gather like 500-600 people and start provocations in order to make a pretty picture for the West. They get money for it, it is not for free. All of them are in this dark pit,” said the President.

Alexander Lukashenko underlined that money must be earned not in the street but by doing honest work in fields and at enterprises. “This is why they call themselves an opposition. What kind of opposition is that? They now suggest economically choking Belarus. They are the enemy of the people. They are the fifth column. They just don’t like anything”.

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