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Rally staged near US embassy in Moscow to protect Belarus

A rally was staged near the American embassy in Moscow to protect Belarus against attacks of the USA and the European Union. The action was arranged by the Russian public movement Slavyanka. Its slogan was “Keep your hands off Belarus!”, BelTA has learned.

A statement handed over to the US embassy and the European Union’s mission in Russia after the rally says that the organizers were indignant at the USA’s and the European Union’s constant diplomatic attacks against Belarus and its president Alexander Lukashenko.

“Politicians of the USA and the European Union demand that Belarus should be punished with some political and economic sanctions. Some legal acts are passed. But they forget that Belarus is not another state of the USA or a member of the European Union. It is an independent nation,” the statement underlines. Participants of the rally advised the leadership of the USA and the EU to “set their own economic and political matters straight first before praying their moral teachings to other sovereign nations”.

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