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Vitebsk to stay committed to youth environmental projects

Vitebsk will continue its participation in international youth environmental projects, Deputy Chairman of the Vitebsk City Hall Vladimir Shloma said as he met with the Youth Environmental Camp participants from Belarus, Russia and Germany on 11 August.

Ewoca-3 international project gathered volunteers from Vitebsk (Belarus), Smolensk (Russia) and Hagen (Germany) in the Belarusian city over the Dvina River. Over 10 days young people were engaged in improving the state of the lake near the village of Ruba. They cleaned up the shore and the beach water area. The youths took away the rubbish, installed arbors and benches, found place to volleyball courts and litter bins.

Apart from the effort, young people took part in an interesting cultural program. They visited the Vitebsk Art Museum and City Hall showrooms, saw Ilya Repin’s estate in Zdravnevo and made boat and helicopter trips around the place.

At the final meeting in the Vitebsk City Hall the participants of the project from Smolensk and Hagen thanked local authorities for a warm and friendly reception and expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation within other environmental efforts.

The youth volunteer camp is held by three partner countries as part of Ewoca-3 international project aimed at development of international youth contacts and environmental education during the joint working activity. The camp was first held in Hagen in 2009. Last year young volunteers beautified Smolensk. Vitebsk became the final stage in the project.

The Vitebsk City Hall is considering new interesting proposals from Ewoca-3 partners for further joint activity, Vladimir Shloma said.

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