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Net demand for foreign currency Belarusian enterprises in January-July has been reduced by 76.6%

Net demand for foreign currency Belarusian enterprises in January-July 2011 amounted to 706.4 million U.S. dollars, 2 billion 317.3 million dollars, or 76.6% less than in January-July 2010. Such data BelaPAN The National Bank, with reference to analytical review, "Major trends in the economy and monetary sphere."

Given the administrative constraints on foreign currency purchases in January-July, business entities, resident bought 10 billion 363.9 million dollars (less 9.1% than the same period in 2010), sold 9 billion 657.5 million dollars (up 15.3%).

In the conservation priority of nominations for the purchase of currency in the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange, the bulk purchase of foreign exchange business entities resident in the January-July 2011, has traditionally been used to repay loans (2 billion 880.3 million dollars, or 27.8% of total purchases), the payment of fuel and energy (2 billion 804.8 million dollars, or 27.1%), purchase of raw materials (1 billion 907.5 million dollars, or 18.4%), equipment and accessories (1 billion 112.4 million dollars, or 10.8%). Results for these purposes was used 84.1% of the currency purchased by business entities-residents.

On March 21 at the foreign exchange spot market purchase of its population is part of the volume sold. In this regard, according to National Bank's foreign exchange turnover in cash segment declined sharply (from 1 billion 821.9 million dollars in March to 363.4 million dollars in April, May and July in an average month he made 251.8 million dollars).

Since the second half of April this year, the population is a net seller of foreign exchange. In January-March due to a sharp increase in devaluation expectations and excessive demand for imported cars in the population average for the month bought on a net basis, 280.9 million dollars in April-July, the average monthly selling 58.7 million dollars.

In the segment of foreign exchange by resident banks in January-July 2011, the bulk of net purchases of foreign exchange was formed in January and February. The balance of the purchase and sale for the period amounted to 584.8 million dollars to restore the banks of currency positions, it fell in late 2010 due to the increased demand for foreign currency by economic entities and population.

After the net sale of 209.4 million dollars March resident banks in April-July 2011 average per month on a net basis, purchased 144.8 million dollars.

Non-residents in January and July (no transactions with the National Bank) on a net basis, sold 88.3 million U.S. dollars, including, in July - 13,2 million dollars.

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