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The exchange rate of foreign currencies available via currency exchange offices

The exchange rate of foreign currencies available via currency exchange offices of Belarusian banks will vary through the day, BelTA has learned.

Representatives of Belarusian banks said that the new exchange rate will be set taking into account results of the supplementary session of the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange. The extra session will be held in the first half of the day every day right after the main session. Currency exchange offices will use the exchange rate of the previous day before the extra session is over and the new day’s exchange rate after the session is over.

At the first extra session on 14 September Belarusian banks bought a small amount of foreign currency, in particular, Belarusbank, while others are waiting for the exchange rate of the US dollar to fall, for instance, Belagroprombank.

On 14 September Belarusian banks set new currency exchange rates for their currency exchange offices. For now exchange offices of most banks (for instance, Belarusbank, Belagroprombank, RRB Bank) offer only the foreign currency that individuals have sold. A Belarusbank representative said that the situation may last till the end of the week.

Most banks say that natural persons are not inclined to sell foreign currency en masse. The tendency is registered, in particular, in exchange offices of BPS Bank and Belagroprombank.

Belarusian banks are intent on continuing taking part in the extra sessions of the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange for the sake of buying foreign currency for their exchange offices. After they have bought the necessary amount of foreign currency and have enhanced their foreign exchange position, banks will be able to feed the currency to their exchange offices.

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