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CIS forest restoration projects in Belarus

Enterprises accountable to the Belarusian Forestry Ministry intend to cooperate with the CIS states in forest restoration projects, Belarusian Forestry Minister Mikhail Amelyanovich told media on 15 September.

Cooperation with Russia looks particularly promising since over 2 million hectares of forests burnt down in Russia last year. This year has seen a lot of fires, too. Belarusian forestry enterprises shipped Br5 billion worth of forest seeds and saplings to Russian regions this spring. Russian regions intend to buy small amounts of forest seeds and saplings this autumn, too.

The Minister said: “Contracts to deliver saplings of fir tree and pine and other trees to Russian regions have been compiled”.

Russian specialists were interested in Belarusian practices of protecting forests from fires, equipping them with video surveillance systems. This year arboriculturists from various Russian regions have been to Belarus to study new forest planting practices and hunting industry practices. Career enhancement courses for Novgorod Oblast specialists will be held by the end of the year. There are plans to establish ties and cooperation with arboriculturists from Russia’s Buryatia. Russia is now restoring state forest security services, control over tree felling has been stepped up.

There are plans to step up cooperation with forest research centers of Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan. In particular, Kazakhstan is interested in forest selection and seed production. Kazakh specialists intend to create a green belt around the country’s capital city of Astana by planting new forests. Belarus has undertaken to grow special saplings that will be acclimated to Kazakh soils and climate. Mikhail Amelyanovich said: “The Forest Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has been recognized as the CIS’ best research center in the field of forest selection and genetics”.

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