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Intensive agricultural work should continue at the same pace

Intensive agricultural work should continue at the same pace, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the government session held on 21 September to discuss topical matters of Belarusian agriculture.

“One cannot be satisfied with gathering in cereals and wait happily till [the harvest festival] Dazhynki. The intensity of agricultural work must not be reduced!” stressed the President. He remarked that most of the agricultural work should be completed before Dazhynki.

The head of state said that the harvesting campaign is close to its end. It is the most intensive period because work organization, observance of technological requirements, avoidance of time losses and material losses are vital now. “Preserving the harvest is the most important thing today!” said Alexander Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko said that the government session had been called primarily to wake up those lulled into sleep by good weather. Everyone needs a wakeup call, stressed the President.

Alexander Lukashenko said that agricultural enterprises had finished harvesting cereals, leguminous crops, colza, buckwheat, and millet. “We’ve collected 7.7 million tonnes although it is not what you’d promised,” said Alexander Lukashenko. “The situation should be repaired by collecting grain maize. We have enough of it and the yield is now 75 centners per hectare”.

There are many crops that have yet to be gathered in: potatoes, sugar beet, flax straw, vegetables, and corn. “I cannot say that the collection of corn silage is good and satisfactory. It should be faster. 310 centners per hectare is a very good yield. It should be collected to replenish the forage supply of the animal husbandry industry,” noted the head of state.

While gathering in crops Belarusian agricultural enterprises are busy sowing winter crops. The President urged to strictly follow all technological requirements of the sowing campaign. “All experiments are over this year. Every oblast knows what to sow, how much to sow. No more errors,” stressed the President. He believes it is important to optimize the composition of winter crops.

It is impossible to reach high performance in animal husbandry without a balanced and sufficient legal base. Everything should be done to avoid problems with forage, said the President. “We should steadily increase milk and meat output instead of being stuck where we are now. Growth should be secured with intensive factors”.

Alexander Lukashenko remarked that good results have been achieved this year. In his words, neither the harvest volume nor the quality of work should fall below this level in years to come.

The head of state also pointed out problems with government purchases of the harvest. “There are drawbacks concerning the choice. Particularly colza. Brewer’s barley and buckwheat are not sold in a timely manner. Don’t wait. These products are in demand already,” said the President.

The President raised several matters before participants of the session. He asked about how the processing industry is supplied with raw materials and what is done to stock up on fruits and vegetables, milk and meat products in Minsk and the oblast capitals. “We should have sufficient reserves for the winter, the entire spring and till the next harvest,” said the President.

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