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In January-June 2011 Belarus welcomed 2.7 million foreigners

In January-June 2011 Belarus welcomed 2.7 million foreigners, up 10% from H1 2010, BelTA learned from Yelena Kondratenko, Press Secretary of the National Statistics Committee.

In H1 2011 3.4 million Belarusian citizens travelled abroad, 11% up on January-June 2010. The number of those who went to the CIS states went down 14%. The number of those who went to non-CIS states went up 30%.

According to the State Border Committee, in 2010 Belarus welcomed 5.7 foreigners, 16.5% more than in 2009. The number does not include people who crossed the Belarusian-Russian border and those who left for permanent residence.

In 2010 Belarus welcomed 120,000 people as organized tourists, including 83,400 people from the CIS states, 39.3% up on 2009. Belarus welcomed 80,900 tourists from Russia (43% up from 2009) and 1,900 tourists from Ukraine (20.8% down).

The UK, Turkey, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Italy and Latvia accounted for 68.8% of the organized tourists from non-CIS states that Belarus welcomed in 2010 (64.6% in 2009).

In 2010 414,700 Belarusians went abroad for pleasure, including 158,200 tourists to the CIS states and 256,600 people to non-CIS states. The most popular travel destinations were Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, and Czechia. These countries accounted for 90% of the total number of the Belarusian tourists, who went abroad in an organized manner.

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