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Belarus is ready to overcome another wave of crisis together with Russia

Belarus is ready to overcome another wave of crisis together with Russia, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko told a press conference for Russian reporters on 7 October, BelTA has learnt.

“The major problem associated with the crisis is a shrinking sales market. Other things do not bother us as much. If the second wave of crisis covers us, we will handle it somehow. But together with Russia. It will be easier for both of us,” the Belarusian President said.

He noted that Belarus has things to offer to Russians, and Russians have something that Belarus needs. “Together we will be able to overcome it (the crisis – BelTA’s note). This will not be so painful. Here we also count on Russia and you can count on us, too,” the President said.

At the same time, he is convinced that one should not be afraid to employ government leverages in such situations. “They say the market will set everything right… You know what kind of businessmen we and you have: they grabbed what they wanted and now do nothing. These people will regulate your market,” Alexander Lukashenko said. This is why, the President believes, one should be ready for the interference of the government, just like they did in the European Union and the United States. “When the crisis struck, everyone there started talking about state regulation and pointing to Belarus: Lukashenko has preserved regulation. Yes, we do it where needed. Where it is not necessary, we step away and do not interfere. But these leverages should be at hand,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

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