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By imposing additional sanctions against Belarus, the West is making the same mistake again

By imposing additional sanctions against Belarus, the West is making the same mistake again, says the statement by Andrei Savinykh, Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, BelTA has learnt.

“The decision per se will make no difference at all. The European Union has been pressurizing Belarus all over this year. Everyone knows full well that coercion only makes it worse: it fuels mistrust and makes it more difficult to find efficient solutions that could settle the existing disagreements,” the statement reads.

“In real politics, one failure is an accident, two failures are a coincidence, while three or more failures are an outright fallacy,” Andrei Savinykh said.

In his words, after the obvious political fiasco of anti-Belarusian initiatives at the Eastern Partnership summit in Warsaw, the whole thing started sticking out. “However, Western countries keep stepping on the same rake over and over again,” the Foreign Ministry Spokesman said.

He noted that this allows drawing several conclusions. In particular, Andrei Savinykh noted that the EU does not have any meaningful agenda on Belarus and is complacent about the imitation of action. “European politicians responsible for Belarus’ policy, cannot or do not want to work out proposals that would suit the EU and simultaneously observe Belarus’ right for sovereign and independent development,” the statement reads. Besides, despite the loud declarations, European politicians demonstrate little interest in finding solutions because they know that their claims are contrived.

Belarus believes that sooner or later the European Union will have to break that vicious circle and resume a meaningful dialogue. We believe our European counterparts will be wise enough to do it,” Andrei Savinykh said.

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