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All the harvesting operations should be completed by early November

All the harvesting operations should be completed by early November, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during his working trip around Minsk Oblast on 14 October.

Agriculture and Food Minister Mikhail Rusyi told the head of state that they continued harvesting corn. Belarusian agricultural enterprises are expected to gather in about 1.5 million tonnes of corn.

The potato harvesting campaign is nearly over, with the average yield at 220 centners per hectare. The harvesting of sugar beet and vegetables continues. Mikhail Rusyi said that sugar content of sugar beet is 20% higher this year.

The head of state stressed that all the harvesting operations should be completed by the beginning of November, before ground frost settles in. Absolutely all the operations must be completed by 7 November, he said.

Alexander Lukashenko remarked that importing a certain amount of grain from Russia might be profitable. “It may be profitable to buy something in Russia to lay stock for the future,” he said. According to Vice Premier Valery Ivanov, Kazakhstan is eager to sell grain, too.

The Agriculture and Food Minister said that Belarus will get 8.2 million tonnes of grain this year together with gross corn crop. The Minister said that Belarus may import fodder grain if the price is attractive.

The head of state pointed out that households should be supplied with quality potato seeds for the next year. Since the quality of potatoes deteriorates over time, the President suggested that households should be allowed to trade in their potato crop for the relevant amount of quality potato seeds.

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