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agreement between the administration of Smolensk Oblast and the Vitebsk Oblast

The action plan to the agreement between the administration of Smolensk Oblast (Russian Federation) and the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee (Republic of Belarus) on trade, economic, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation for the next year will be signed by the governors of the neighboring regions, Chairman of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Kosinets and Governor of Smolensk Oblast Sergei Antufyev.

The plan includes over a hundred activities, many of which relate to trade and economic relations. In particular, the administrations of the two regions intend to stimulate business activity of economic entities, trade and production activities, organize joint exhibitions and fairs.

Another area of business interests will be the construction industry. The plan includes involvement of construction enterprises of Vitebsk Oblast in the housing and socio-cultural construction projects in Smolensk Oblast. Vitebsk farmers intend to continue to provide assistance to colleagues in Smolensk Oblast.

Research and educational institutions of the two regions will develop cooperation too. For example, the Smolensk Medical Academy offers to implement a distance-learning project to the Vitebsk State Medical University as a regional centre. Regional media intend to continue constructive activities to cover the developments in Belarus and Russia.

The official delegation of Vitebsk Oblast headed by governor Alexander Kosinets is in Smolensk on a visit. The delegation will also get familiar with an exposition dedicated to the economic and tourist potential of Smolensk Oblast, visit the Smolensk State Medical Academy of the Ministry of Health and Social development of the Russian Federation.

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