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Belarus' external public debt 0.8% up in January-July 2015 to $12.7bn

As of 1 July Belarus' external public debt amounted to $12.7 billion, having increased by $101 million from the beginning of the year, or 0.8%, BelTA learned from the Finance Ministry.

In January-June 2015 Belarus borrowed a total of $679.1 million: $429.7 million from the government and banks of the Russian Federation, $228.8 million from Chinese banks, $20.6 million from the IBRD.

Since the beginning of 2015, Belarus has made $547.8 million in foreign public debt payments: $150 million to repay the loans to the Russian government, $75.9 million to the IMF, $176.6 million to the EFSD. Belarus repaid $80.5 million to the Chinese banks, $7.5 million the IBRD, $0.7 million, to the United States, and $56.6 million to Venezuela banks.

As of 1 July Belarus' public debt totaled Br249.8 trillion, up by Br52.4 trillion, or 26.5% from the beginning of the year.

As of 1 July the internal public debt stood at Br55.2 trillion, Br6.8 trillion up from the beginning of the year, or 14.1%. The increase in the internal public debt in January-June this year was attributed to the placement of foreign-currency denominated government bonds on the home market for individuals and legal entities to the tune of $88.2 million and Br340.5 billion. Since the beginning of 2015 Belarus paid $175 million, and Br815.9 billion on foreign-currency and ruble-denominated government bonds for individuals and legal entities.

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