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Joint Stock Company “Polesskie Zhuraviny”

Joint Stock Company “Polesskie Zhuraviny” Cranberry’s plantation was founded on 26 may in 1985 year in Pinsk. JSC “Polesskie Zhuraviny” is the biggest enterprise in Europe which is cultivated cranberries. Cranberry’s planting area is 85 h and is constantly developing. We are growing 8 most widespread cranberry varieties “Stivene”, “Mc. Farly”, “Howes”, “Ben-Lear”, “Early Black”, “Piligrim”, “Crowley” and “Franklin”. The foundation nursery was laid for more then 50 kinds of blueberries. The most popular are “Bluecrop”, “Bluetta”, “Herbert”, “Nortland”, “Jersey”, “Elizabet”, “Erliblue”, “Duk”, “Patriot”. The first plantations of tall blueberries were imported from Poland in 1997. A blueberry begins to fructify on the fourth year after leading in July – August depending on kind. Berries have a big size, pleasant aroma and gentle taste. There are used for fine jam, juice, jam turns out are tasty stuffing for pies. Harvesting is made by hand. Contain a considerable quantity of used substances for a person. Fresh berries are used to cure fever, scurvy, anemia, cystitis and illnesses of gastronomic path and many other diseases. We are rendering serviced organizations. We have our own apiary for pollination of cranberries and blueberries as well as for production of honey. Our enterprise deals with provision and purchase of wild-growing berries and mushrooms. Generally, they are bilberries, moorberries, cep, and others. We have a low-temperature refrigerator complex for frosting berries, then berries pass mechanical cleaning, after berries are packed in Kraft-packets 25 kg each. A Belgian low-temperature complex was introduced in 2000 year which has three freezer compartments to preserve about 500 tones berries at a time. Primary activities: • An agricultural activity – growing up cranberries, blueberries. • Provision of wild-growing berries and mushrooms. • Seedlings growing of cranberry and blueberry • Wholesale and retail trade. • The creation of new areas for cranberry and blueberry. Our trading partners are: Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. Be among them!

Our contacts Address: 225732 The Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Pinsk district, Selische.

Phone/Fax: (+375 165) 65 83 52

Sales department: (+375 165) 32 29 65

Production department: (+375 165) 39 42 27

Joint Stock Company “Polesskie Zhuraviny”

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