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"Smorgon plant of bread production"

Unitary production enterprise "Smorgon plant of bread production" is on the market of Republic of Belarus more than 40 years. Enterprise is situated in Smorgon, Hrodno region, not far from Minsk-Vilnius highway. Plant is located 260 km north-east from Grodno and 115 km north-west from Minsk. The main field of activity of the enterprise is processing of grain (cereals) and oil-bearing crops into food and compound feed. Plant is located on 16.8 hectares of ground. There are next departments that situated on territory of the enterprise: - department of compound feed production (productivity is 400 tons per day, per night); - department of crops production (the power of processing is 108 tons of oats per day, per night); - department of the processing of rape (colza) (the power of processin is 20 thousand tons); - elevator for storage and processing of grain (the power of processin is 36 thousand tons); - place for bread reception and for the preparation and storage of 20 thousand tons of grain; - production laboratory; - pig farm "Andreevci"; - subsidiary "Zhodishki"; - chain store; - railway station, transport department, warehouses for storage of raw materials and finished products, repair department and another departments.

Company: Smorgon plant of bread production Unitary production enterprise
Country/Region/City: Belarus / Belarus / Minsk
Address: 231042 Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Smorgon, Komsomlsky lane, 20
ZIP/Postal code: 231042
Phone: +375159230222
Fax: +375159221640
Contact person: Nareyko Natalia .

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