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Corruption will be eradicated, Belarus President vows

Corruption in Belarus will be eradicated most severely, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said during a government session dedicated to discussing the effectiveness of the measures taken to fight corruption on November 13.

“The spreading corruption among those, whose duty is to fight corruption, is disturbing. Representatives of power-wielding bodies designed to prevent and suppress these criminal phenomena turn out to be involved in bribery and other sordid actions,” stressed the head of state.

“I warn everyone: the lawlessness will not happen in Belarus! Even partially. At least as long as I stay the President. Regardless of posts and ranks,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

According to the President, such actions smudge not only a specific person or a government body, they smudge the reputation of the government as a whole. Alexander Lukashenko emphasised, it should be understood clearly that corruption is a threat to the political and economic stability of the country, complete decay of the state structure, absolute loss of control over the economy and a brake on the way towards building a legal social democratic state.

“Where will we be if people commissioned with fighting corruption violate laws and moral norms? What can one expect from state agencies authorised to control and supervise if their officers take protection money from those under examination?” wondered the President.

Alexander Lukashenko underscored, he is earnestly concerned by actions taken by law enforcement officers, which are legal if viewed pro forma. “But these actions are so dirty from the moral point of view that they cannot be justified! Legislation loopholes are sought out to commit things best left untouched,” said the head of state.

He cited concrete facts of corruption in the Defence Ministry and the prosecution. “A prosecution officer bought a comfortable apartment with an underground garage from a businessman for a song. It seemed legal. But it raises concern why the businessman sold the apartment for less than what it was worth and where the prosecution officer got so much money,” said the President.

Another fact — a land plot in a conservation area owned by a kindergarten was allocated for building dachas.

“Patronage of companies, lobbying of licences, quotas, permits, closure of criminal cases against ‘our businessmen’ and launch of designer cases against their competitors. Don’t you hear what people talk about and what trespasses are unearthed?” the President asked those present.

Over the years a lot has been done in Belarus to suppress the most dangerous corruption phenomena: mass plunder of state property was prevented, severe measures to fight corruption were introduced into laws. However, the President made clear, there are no reasons to calm down and let the fight against the evil slide.


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