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Belarus Premier expects domestic prices to go down


In the present conditions prices in should go down, Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky told a session of the board of the Architecture and Construction Ministry on February 5.

“In the present conditions prices in should be falling,” said Sergei Sidorsky. He reminded that a “falling” gas price had been granted to . “It is an advantage of the Belarusian economy and we should make use of it,” underscored the Premier.

Sergei Sidorsky reminded, over the last six months the government has been pursuing a clear policy regarding the gas price. “Back in April and then in August we said that the import gas price will be around $140. The negotiations were a success: before the new year began, all issues had been settled. We got gas at $140-150. The price is even a falling one. We are the only country to enjoy such a price,” said the Prime Minister. In view of the fact the civil engineering industry was supposed to make its plans and now the government has the right to expect producers to deliver, including construction companies.

The Architecture and Construction Ministry should revise the operation of its industries and sub-industries, coordinate them and work out a strategy for the domestic and foreign markets. “We should show people that prices for material assets are declining worldwide and in they will fall, too,” said the Prime Minister.



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