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True and objective information about Belarus advantageous for Europe

International standards relating to mass media are not violated in , President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told the Euronews TV channel in an interview.

The press service of the President of Belarus quoted Alexander Lukashenko as saying that Western reporters should have a more objective view on processes going on inside the country. “No exaggeration, no embellishment. We have as many problems as Europeans do. But the truth should be told. If everything is shown in an objective and truthful manner, it will be beneficial for Europe, too,” noted the head of state.

Belarusian laws, including mass media regulations, were developed on the basis of European ones. This is why, Alexander Lukashenko made clear, he does not see any problems with mass media freedom in , democracy of elections and activities of the opposition. The head of state also said that is engaged in a dialogue with the European Union, including talks about these matters. The President remarked he is not in favour of prohibitive measures.

“We have never banned anything. We have a transparent and clear-cut legislation developed using European standards: , , the . We haven’t invented anything. We borrowed the best things from them, including the Constitution. When we were criticised, we showed where these Constitution norms came from. Why do we have to be criticised for that?! If we were criticised for cutting down to size some street hooligans, we showed to the nation the footage, which Euronews broadcasts among others, in Belarus, France, Germany, other countries. How do they differ? This is why no standards regarding mass media, European standards, are violated here,” said the head of state.

Speaking about printed media distributions problems faced by the opposition, Alexander Lukashenko remarked: “The opposition would like us to print and publish their newspapers and now they even want us to write articles criticising us for these newspapers. But such things are impossible in any country! This is our opposition for you…”

“I believe that nothing should be forbidden. It is our big advantage over the opposition. Let people read. They know the President. They have made up their minds after 13 years. People make comparisons and the rating of the newspaper, which goes beyond just criticising the President and treats him in an obscene manner,” he added.

Alexander Lukashenko also believes that Europe is not interested in the essence of the opposition. “They should come and ask where these gentlemen emerged from and what kind of opposition it is if it has been struggling and failing to win at least a single parliament seat for more than ten years in the centre of Europe even, frankly speaking, with the support of the authorities?! This is why nobody strangles the opposition here. I used to joke even: may god give such opposition like the one we have in Belarus to any European leader and he will remain the president, the prime minister for ever or his party will always win elections with such opposition,” said the Belarusian leader.



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