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Belarus is ready to act as bridge between East and West, Alexander Lukashenko says

Belarus is ready to fulfill the role of a link between Eastern and Western Europe, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview to the Euronews, BelTA learnt from the presidential press service.

Alexander Lukashenko stressed has been pursuing the single policy together with . This is a brotherly country, strategic partner and ally. At the same time has been developing good relations with Europe. “We pride ourselves on the good relations we have with , and that our relations with Europe are developing. We will fulfill our role as a link, the bridge between East and West,” the President said.

As for the global financial and economic crisis, Alexander Lukashenko said that last year was not affected hard and could raise its GDP by 10%.

The global declining demand for products has affected which is export-oriented. We have made some gains, however, thanks to lower prices. “We have been economical. We knew the turmoil was coming. We got prepared for the worst long before. Therefore the prime cost of our products was lower, and we were able to sell high-quality products at lower prices. Today the demand is lower. People do buy products but at much cheaper prices. Who can offer such goods? We, Belarusians. Of course, we have seen a decline in demand. So far, in most cases, we have managed to sell the products,” the Head of State said.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the financial crisis would not have hit if not for the panic on the world financial markets: “We did not build up any pyramids, did not take part in those exchange speculative operations. We were criticized, but we did not throw our money into Wall Street or any other exchange. We have been raising our companies, if needed, sold them. We have kept our GDP-forming companies and have been developing the real production sector. That, no doubt, saved us. If not for this panic on the financial markets, the financial crisis would not have hit us at all”.



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