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Alexander Lukashenko: privatization procedures in Belarus will not be simplified

MINSK, February 17 (BelTA) – The privatization procedures of Belarusian enterprises will not be simplified, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told reporters in Mogilev. The head of state pointed out that almost all Belarusian enterprises have been reincorporated as joint stock companies. The privatization procedures involve the employees of an enterprise, its head, local authorities, the government and the President. This process is much bureaucratized and it will not be simplified for a time. A single person will not be allowed to take decisions about selling property, the head of state underlined. Alexander Lukashenko reminded that the privatization regulations were announced a long time ago. Everybody knows the terms. “An enterprise can be privatized provided 25 requirements are met. The major conditions include price, modernization, preservation of jobs, social programmes. If you are not ready to meet all these requirements – do not submit applications, talk about it or come to me. Not a single land plot in Belarus will be bargained away,” the President said. The head of state underlined that the overall liberalization had been announced in Belarus, but it does not pertain to the simplification of privatization processes. “We have simplified the tax system; introduced the declarative principle to tackle red tape. The perception of the liberalization as an opportunity to sell all property for a song is absolutely stupid,” Alexander Lukashenko said. He pointed out that in the conditions of the economic slump, “anything can be bought” for a song. “However I will not bargain away any enterprises,” the head of state underlined.

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