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Ukraine says Euro-Asian oil project talks in final stage

The Ukrainian president said on Thursday the talks on the Euro-Asian oil transport corridor, a project set to pump Caspian oil to Europe bypassing Russia, are in their final stage. "Today we confirm that the dialogue on the Euro-Asian oil transport corridor, which envisages the transportation of Caspian oil to European countries, is effectively in its final stage," Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said. The main element of the project is the Odessa-Brody oil pipeline which Ukraine started building in 2001. Separate legs of around 500 km have yet to be built in both Ukraine and Poland. Yushchenko said a feasibility report for the project was likely to be approved in Poland on April 24. "We note that this project, which had many obstacles, today comes to its logical end and we are indisputably proud of this," the president said. The project has a western branch running to Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria, and northern and eastern branches to Poland and Belarus, Ukraine's presidential envoy for energy security issues, Bohdan Sokolovskyi, said earlier on Thursday.

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