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Svetlogorsk Khimvolokno will present new-generation bonded fabrics in Germany.

The Svetlogorsk-based manufacturing corporation Khimvolokno will present new-generation bonded fabrics at the XIII international expo of technical textiles, bonded fabrics and protective clothes Techtextil 2009 in German Frankfurt am Main on June 16-18, said Tatiana Gorina, Head of Khimvolokno’s Marketing Department. 

The fabrics are made using hydro and thermospray bonding of continuous polypropylene filaments. The new materials are widely used to manufacture disposable medical and hygienic goods, in automobile manufacturing and other areas. The utilisation of dressings made of these materials as well as medical personnel clothes, linen for fatal cases drastically reduces the level of hospital-acquired infections in surgery, trauma and obstetric departments. 

The company plans to start mass manufacturing of hydrospray-bound nonwoven fabrics late in Q3 2009 when a relevant investment project is complete. “There is little time left before the launch, this is why we are preparing markets for the new products,” remarked Tatiana Gorina. 

At the expo Svetlogorsk Khimvolokno plans to hold negotiations with more than ten major Western Europe companies. “Some representatives will arrive in Frankfurt am Main specifically to meet with our delegation,” said the source. The sides are expected to discuss supplies of hydrospray-bound nonwoven fabrics and other products. Svetlogorsk Khimvolokno’s stand will feature nonwoven fabric SpanBel made using the SpunBound technology, heat-resistant fibres, filaments and fabrics Arselon, carbon-fibre materials Ural. 

Founded in 1964, Svetlogorsk Khimvolokno is a major Belarusian petrochemical company. It comprises enterprises for manufacturing polyether filaments, man-made fibres, carbon and polymer materials as well as consumer goods. The company exports the make to 38 countries.



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