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Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Ministry takes steps to boost exports

The Agriculture and Food Ministry of Belarus is taking steps to further boost exports

Special attention is turned on the markets of the non-CIS countries. The Belarusian ministry has signed a contract on the delivery of 7,000 tonnes of dried whole milk to . has completed the registration of the Lepel milk canning plant as a supplier of dairy products to . The Belarusian side and the Iranian bank have polished the schemes of financing international contracts. A contract on supplying 1,000 tonnes of butter, dried skimmed and dried whole milk apiece to is being worked out at present. 

The Belarusian ministry has established contacts with OLAM company, the largest supplier of dried skimmed milk to . According to the experts, possible volumes of dried skimmed milk supplies via this company can make up nearly 30,000 tonnes. The Embassy of Belarus in is now negotiating the deliveries of casein and flax fibre to

According to the Agriculture and Food Ministry, in Q1 2009, $13.9 million worth of products was sold to the non-CIS countries, 97.4% to the same period last year. $12 million worth of products were exported to the EU countries, 88.9% to January-March 2008. The companies of the Agriculture and Food Ministry exported to 29 countries. This year the ministry has launched exports of dried skimmed and dried whole milk to , flour to and caseinates – to .



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