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HTP’s first office building put into service

The first building of the administrative and production compound of the High-Technology Park (HTP) has been put into service. 

Occupying around 23,000 sq.m., this is the biggest office building in , Director of the HTP Administration Valery Tsepkalo told reporters on June 4. “The main thing that distinguishes this building from other big facilities is that mainly foreign investment has been used. Foreign investors put a lot of funds in this building,” Valery Tsepkalo said. 

Today the HTP employs more than 6,000 software engineers. Three years ago when the High-Tech Park started functioning, software export was worth about $12 million. The export grew ten times over the three years, and this is a very serious achievement, the director stressed. 

The development of the HTP has slowed down in view of the crisis. At the same time in Q1 2009 the High-Tech Park increased the output by 15% (taking into account inflation and devaluation of the Belarusian ruble) from the same period in 2008. “This is a good figure taking into consideration that large software and IT companies have some problems including layoffs. We will come out of the crisis stronger than our competitors,” Valery Tsepkalo said. 

Today the High-Technology Park is working hard to attract new large investors to . “In particular, the Belarusian side has been negotiating with the US-based Honeywell, aviation turbine producer, and Bosch the opening of engineering centers in Minsk ,” the specialist said.




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