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Minsk oblast dairies step up export to CIS and non-CIS countries

Dairies of the Minsk oblast are stepping up sales in the CIS and non-CIS countries, it is known from Minoblmyasomolprom which unites 13 dairies.

With a view to diversifying the sales markets, the talks on dairy supplies have been launched with , , , and other states. A possibility of creating joint processing ventures and trading houses is being considered. All means and mechanisms of sales are being explored.

Thus the Minsk oblast plans to deliver non-fat milk powder to . Samples of milk powder have been sent to for further sales in and .

The dairies of Minonlmyasomolprom are ready to consider trade and economic relations with economic entities in , to export meat and dairy products in necessary volumes on mutually beneficial terms. The establishment of joint ventures is negotiated with the Korop cheese-making plant (Chernigov oblast) and a number of enterprises of the Poltava oblast. “Investment in modernization of dairy processing plants opens up opportunities for fruitful cooperation with the European Union. At present only technical casein and non-fat milk powder are exported to the EU,” the specialists said.

In January-May dairy enterprises of the Minsk oblast exported products worth $73.2 million, 90% as against the same period last year. The foodstuffs were exported to Russia, Georgia, Armenia, US and other countries. The export of dry cheese increased, too (7,600 tonnes, up 52%), butter (8,500 tonnes, up 41%), non-fat milk powder (9,100 tonnes, 79% up), casein (2,000 tonnes, up 201%).

The specialists underlined that the enterprises actively participate in exhibition/fairs both in and other states. Consumers praise the quality of Minsk oblast products, the products are in demand. All the dairies of the oblast have conformity certificates of the countries where they deliver their products.        

Minoblmyasomolprom is composed of 13 dairies and 3 meat-packing plants. The total production capacity of the diaries is about 982,000 tonnes of milk a year. They produce over 220 descriptions of dairy products, including 18 types of hard rennet cheese, butter, non-fat milk powder, casein, ice-cream, cottage cheese and other whole milk products.

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