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Russia’s displeasure with Belarusian milk fuelled by politics

Political rationale is obvious in Russian claims about Belarusian dairy products, said Anatoly Glaz, Deputy Chairman of the Human Rights, National Relations and Mass Media Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus. 

“The Belarusian-Russian interstate agreement stipulates that if products have been certified by one side, certification by the other side is not required. Besides, Belarusian dairy products have been certified by . This argument is empty,” believes the MP. If the rejection of Belarusian milk is attributed to the need to protect Russian manufacturers, the argument is shallow, too, because Belarusian dairy products account for only 4% of the Russian dairy market, added Anatoly Glaz. 

According to the politician, the Belarusian leadership took the wrong way in pressuring . One should not exert economic pressure to reach political goals. ’s actions are out of the logics of international relations, say nothing of relations inside the Union State . 

Anatoly Glaz is convinced that the reaction of the Belarusian leadership to the present situation is totally justified. If economic interests are infringed, the national security is. In this case the security of a CSTO member-state. 

“As far as the way out of the situation is concerned, the initiator of the conflict should offer his hand first. The Russian side should recognise its error. If the conflict goes on, people of and will be affected first. I am convinced

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