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“Milk” conflict will end within a week, Agriculture Ministry says

The problem concerning the limited import of the Belarusian dairy products to will be settled within a week, Kazimir Romanovski, Aide to the Agriculture and Food Minister, told the ONT TV Channel. 

“Within the next two days we will select all necessary samples to send to the laboratories of the Federal Surveillance Service for Consumer Rights and People’s Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor). The problem will be settled within a week,” he said. 

Russia has introduced new technical regulations concerning Belarusian dairy products. According to the expert, this move was taken normally. However, some products were tested in the Rospotrebnadzor laboratories, others – in the laboratories of other departments which results are not recognized today. 

According to Kazimir Romanovski, it was all about the ambitions of Rospotrebnadzor which seeks to show it is superior to other agencies who have their own laboratories. Kazimir Romanovski noted that annually imports $1 billion worth of Belarusian dairy products. 

At the same time Kazimir Romanovski doubted that the Belarusian dairies will be badly affected by the restrictions. “Belarusian dairies can process the remaining milk into cheese and butter,” Kazimir Romanovski said.

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