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Borisov Crystalware Factory starts exporting products to Turkmenistan

Borisov Crystalware Factory started to supply its products to , it was  learnt from company’s director Gennady Nester. 

The first batch of crystalware (liqueur glasses, wineglasses, vases) worth $47,000 has already been shipped to Turkmen partners. In January-May the company’s exports amounted to $3 million. Borisov crystalware can be found in Sweden, Germany, France, Ukraine, the Baltic states, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia

Gennady Nester noted that the company manufactures over 3,000 descriptions of products from crystal and glass. The most popular items include liqueur glasses and wineglasses, water-bottles. The enterprise regularly participates in specialized exhibitions where it is usually a great success. 

Under the state programme, the company is implementing a project to produce medical glass. It is completing the installation of six imported technological lines to make ampoules and three lines to make bottles. 

The engineering design of a new shop floor in compliance with international standards of medical production started in 2007, a year later the construction was completed and the necessary equipment was purchased. All in all, over Br53 billion was invested in this project. The new shop floor can produce 12 tonnes of medical glass. In 2009, the company is to inaugurate a cogeneration unit with the capacity of 1.2 MW which is to generate 60% of the heat and electric energy the company needs. 

Borisov Crystalware Factory was set up in 1898. At present the company employs 1,500 people. In 2008, the enterprise manufactured products worth Br32 billion of which 77% was exported.

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