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Gomselmash tests new beet combine

Gomselmash is conducting tests of PALESSE BS624 – the first in the CIS root combine, it was learnt from the company. The tests are expected to be finished this year. After this, Gomselmash will start mass production of the new root combine. 

The root combine, equipped with 430-power engine, uses one-phase technology to harvest beet. 

PALESSE BS624 has been showcased at Belagro 2009 Exhibition recently. Not only domestic agricultural producers but representatives of Russian companies showed their interest in the new root combine. For instance, a dealership company from the Krasnodar Area expressed its wish to get some pilot samples. At the same time, in line with the Gomselmash development programme, the first batch of the new root combines will be supplied to Belarusian farms.



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