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Lidskoe Pivo boosts kvass export by 530% in January-May

The Belarusian brewing company Lidskoe Pivo exported over 119,000 decalitres of natural fermentation kvass in January–May 2009, 530% up on the same period of last year. 

At present the company exports kvass to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Moldova, Poland and Germany . In January-May export accounted for 19% of the total sales. 

Over the five months overseas beer sales went up by 150%. In real terms the company exported 80,500 decalitres of beer in January-May 2009, with 47,500 decalitres shipped to

All in all, in January-May 2009 the company exported $946,000 worth of commodities, 280% up on the same period of 2008. Export to non-CIS states reached $648,000 (10.6 times up). 

Еhis season the company focuses on developing the sales system. Summer retail equipment has been bought (proprietary tents, refrigerators) for effective summer sales. This season the company also plans to redesign the Lidskoe label and offer a new light beer type. Apart from that, the company has plans to start manufacturing cider and beer cocktails

Over the five months the company turned out 729,000 decalitres of the kvass Lidsky, 70.3% up on January-May 2008. The company produced 1,892,000 decalitres of beer. Beer and kvass sales exceeded the figures registered in January-May 2008 by 19%. 

In June 2009 at the national contest “Best Products of the Year 2009. Non-Alcoholic Beverages” the kvass Lidsky was named the best in the nomination “kvass”. 

This year Lidskoe Pivo intends to export $2 million worth of beer and kvass, twice as much as in 2008. The kvass Lidsky is supposed to drive the export plans. 

In 2009 the company plans to utilise €20 million in foreign direct investments provided by the new stockholder, the Finnish concern Olvi. The latter bought out the controlling interest in Lidskoe Pivo in 2008 (around $16 million for 51% of the shares). 

The Lida-based brewery was built in 1876. The enterprise was converted into an open joint-stock company in 2000. The company Lidskoe Pivo employs over 900 people. Lidskoe Pivo offers a wide choice of beer as well as soft drinks.




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