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In January-May Bobruiskagromash’ subsidiary in Barnaul posts 4-time increase in output

In January-May the joint company which was set up by Bobruiskagromash jointly with Agrospetsmashina at the Barnaul machine-tool plant (Russia) made 152 ПРФ-145 and ПРФ-180 balers, up four times over the same period last year, said Vasily Tsarik, deputy chief of the company’s marketing department. 

An increased demand for these farm machines is due to high quality and reasonable prices. Although similar machines of the Russian make are cheaper, the company wins competitive edge over its rivals due higher quality. “The years of joint work has showed that our equipment is highly popular in Siberia and that the creation of the joint company was justified. Now it successfully competes with Russian and world producers,” Vasily Tsarik said. 

According to him, the partners have established close manufacturing cooperation. Bobruiskagromash dispatches machine sets to Barnaul where they are assembled, welded and painted. The Russians also make a pressing unit, ‘the heart’ of the baler, and some other component parts. 

Bobruiskagromash uses the same principle of cooperation with other partners in Tatarstan, the Vologda and Yaroslavl oblasts and the Krasnoyarsk Krai of the Russian Feder ation where it has organised joint companies. “We jointly address the issues concerning the improvement and finishing-out depending on service conditions in this or that region, develop new technological solutions. All that gives us an opportunity to utilize the production capacities to the full, preserve jobs and pay wages without delays. It gives us a good impetus to further development,” the deputy head of the marketing department underscored.         

In H1 2009, Bobruiskagromash joint companies in increased the production and beat the 2008 results. They produced more than 320 machines, the specialist noted. 

In January-May 2009, Bobruiskagromash joint companies produced agricultural machines at the amount of more than Br90 billion, up 13.5% as against the same period of 2008. The export increased by 15%. 

Founded in 1974, Bobruiskagromash was reorganized into a joint-stock company in 2005. Bobruiskagromash is a major producer of trailed and mounted agricultural machines in the CIS and the Baltic states . The company makes over 50 agricultural machines, mainly forage harvesters and distributors and organic fertiliser distributors and also machines for applying mineral fertilisers, roll flax harvesters, trailed vehicles for tractors and some other agricultural machines. At present it employs around 2,400 people.

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