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Molodechno plant to supply metallic structures to Leningrad oblast

Molodechno Metalware Plant will ship 5,400 tonnes of metallic structures for building a cement mill in the town of Slantsy, Leningrad oblast, the company’s Director Mikhail Angerchik told media. State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Yuri Zhadobin visited the company on 8 July. 

The company has already started working on the contract and plans to ship the merchandise within six months. The company will also supply metallic structures for building an oil refinery in the town of Kirishi, Leningrad oblast. The supplies will start in August. 

Mikhail Angerchik remarked that Molodechno Metalware Plant works steadily. It is about to complete shipping metallic structures for Gomelglass reconstruction, with 7,000 tonnes of construction and technological metallic structures already shipped. The company also takes part in building dairy farms.

In H1 2009 Molodechno Metalware Plant increased the output by 7% up on the same period of last year in effective prices. The company has paid Br14 billion in taxes, Br4 billion more than last year. The average salary totalled Br0.99 million, with no delayed payments to the budget and no delayed salaries. “The metalware market is being revived. We hope we will do well this year,” remarked Mikhail Angerchik. 

Molodechno Metalware Plant was commissioned in 1968 and is an independent business unit of the Architecture and Construction Ministry. It is designed to turn out 20,000 tonnes of welded metalware and 90,000 tonnes of rolled sections. 2008 saw the company’s welded metalware production facilities reach the peak operational capacity - 144%. The profitability of sold products totalled 12.5%. The company’s potential allows manufacturing metalware for unique buildings and custom installations. The company employs 1,782 people.



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